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The third part of this year's JACK IN THE BOX Summer Event, featuring tetsu, DEAD END, SID, VAMPS, 44MAGNUM and a great finale with the MAVERICK DC SUPER ALL STARS!

After a refreshing break, the stage burst into life once more with tetsu's performance. The cavernous space filled with pink glowsticks to welcome an energetic set of punk-pop that had the audience dancing around. It began, however, a little more sweetly with empty tears. The pretty waltz inspired music, with a beat recalling the rhythmic ticking of a clock, cast a spell over the crowd, even if at times the vocals seemed perhaps a little too harsh for the gentle nature of the melody. The following FRESH, a new song for summer, suited tetsu better as a rather ominous and gothic organ led introduction became a storm of funky guitar phrases that heralded his familiar pop punk sound. The upbeat melody somehow blended neatly with the underlying gothic tone as tetsu strolled around stage brandishing a water gun.

The water gun remained with him through the anthemic REVERSE. tetsu twirled around the stage, adding a playful element as the band relished the fun, old school feel of the melody. After saying a few words to the audience, which revolved around asking "Are you feeling happy?" a number of times, Roulette saw everyone bring out their towels, and a memorable bass line got the whole room dancing. Finally, as coloured streamers dropped into the audience, tetsu closed with lonely girl, his vocals rising strongly over the daintier guitar lines that brought a relaxed close to his summery set.

Set list
1. empty tears
4. Roulette
5. lonely girl

Another highlight of the evening was DEAD END, seeing as the legendary band recently revived and fans have not had the pleasure of seeing them live for nearly 10 years.

DEAD END was quite a different act though, bringing the darker wail of retro heavy metal to the evening. They wowed the predominantly young crowd with their talent and tight, precise playing. MORRIE's vocals, ringing through the pulsing guitar melodies, showed fantastic timbre as he swaggered confidently about the stage. Guitarist YOU, meanwhile, repeatedly impressed with a series of amazing solo phrases. The introduction to Danse Macabre was a superb, soaring riff that led into a funky bass line that underpinned the oft chaotic composition of the piece.

The following songs showed the wildly different influences in their music. A distinctly 50's styled rock'n'roll feel was evident throughout the fun I Want Your Love, while Serafine seemed to take an almost hip-hop attitude with its syncopated drumbeat making for a rather intriguing piece.

MORRIE, enjoying the attention, wandered around and used the whole stage to rally calls before the band launched into their final songs. Amongst them was another surprise for the fans, namely the brand-new song Dress Burning, to be released on their upcoming album METAMORPHOSIS later this year. YOU's strong guitar created irresistibly catchy melodies that got the audience jumping about excitedly until the group triumphantly left the stage.

Set list
1. Danse Macabre
2. Psychomania
3. I Want Your Love
4. Serafine
5. Dress Burning
6. Perfume Of Violence

The arrival of SID was in contrast greeted by a room of girlish screams. Mao, wearing a red bow in his hair, and the other three of SID - Aki, Shinji and Yuuya - were welcomed by a forest of outstretched arms reaching towards them. After a minor bit of trouble and an impromptu fashion show from Mao, SID began their set with Uso. Mao's vocals were stunning, floating with astonishing clarity over the delicate Spanish flair of Aki's guitar. This gorgeous, soft opener paved the way for the more pop sounding Natsukoi, and the whole crowd jumping made the floor tremble. The light and bouncy melody sent a real summery vibe throughout the room, and together with the silver streamers that shot out over the crowd during Drama, it became something of a SID party. Yuuya's quick drumbeats got feet tapping while Aki roused excited shouts and fist punching.

"Are you not tired yet?" asked Mao as the band took a break. Despite the length of the day, the crowd warmly responded that they were not. Nonetheless, Mao took the opportunity to talk a little and take a photo for his mother in the countryside, all while Shinji played a lovely, chilled blues tune on his guitar.

The SID finale piece was reminiscent of their first album. Watashi wa ame was a truly spellbinding performance. This gorgeous, piano led jazz ballad held the audience in silent awe with the magic of the guitars and Mao's poignant vocals; it ended on a beautifully held note that pierced the silence before the hall erupted with applause.

Set list
1. Uso
2. Natsukoi
3. Drama
4. Watashi wa ame


The sparkling SID display gave way to a rawer attitude for the next band, the much heralded VAMPS headed up by hyde and K.A.Z. The excitement of the crowd was palpable, greeting the pair and their back-up musicians with a giant roar. As expected, VAMPS displayed consummate showmanship, beginning their set with an energetic call and response between the guitars before storming into the first number. It was a fun return to more aggressive music. They even let loose the pyrotechnics, which complemented the assault of guitars and hyde's screams and wails. Suddenly, the event was gripped by a real rock atmosphere.

They even dipped into a moment of industrial, darker music with a heavy metal attitude and grinding guitar phrases, in contrast to a punk cover of the cheeky TROUBLE by 90's girl-group Shampoo. hyde was using the staging well, striding up the runway confidently with his guitar. He spoke to the crowd a little, his playful words raising a loud response. As HUNTING began with energetic guitars, hyde jumped briefly off the end of the runway, making his way through a small portion of the crowd as he played. Meanwhile, watching K.A.Z was somewhat mesmerizing, his fingers zipping up and down the fretboard at lightening speed. "One more time!" screamed hyde as VAMPS closed their set with SEX BLOOD ROCK N' ROLL, a boisterous number that kept the whole place reverberating long after the band left the stage.

Set list


Before the craziness of the All Stars finale, 44MAGNUM took to the stage. Highly respected as an old legend in the scene, their welcome was full of warmth from the crowd. They wasted no time either, forgoing the SE as powerful guitars burst forth for their first song. As might have been expected, the guitarists were full of confidence as they played with accomplishment and panache, the deep rich riffs permeating through three energetic songs. The band`s two vocalists provided a nice point of interest for first timers, and after a short MC they were joined by Ken of L'Arc en Ciel in a fantastically fun piece of Aerosmith tinged metal that marked the high point of their set.

Set list

44MAGNUM played one more song before the All Stars appeared to sing a 44MAGNUM song all together. The vocalists of all the bands participating in the event were announced and introduced to join in the singing. Tatsuro came back on stage in biker tribe leathers, while Mao of SID had become even more colourful. Satoshi of girugamesh got a huge roar as he was announced, as did MORRIE of DEAD END.

The song, however, can be best described as a mass drunken karaoke with the only audible word being the oft bellowed SATISFACTION. The stage descended into an organised chaos: coloured plastic balls went flying over the audience as band members ran around like kids on stage. It was a party atmosphere that gave a fitting end to this summertime JACK IN THE BOX festival. Next up: winter!
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