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interview - 11.10.2009 11:01


It will be D’espairsRay’s tenth anniversary on September 9th, 2009, and they will release their first major single, FINAL CALL, in celebration of this anniversary. As this band has had lots of experience with lives overseas and have kept producing highly accomplished works, the songs on this single are brilliant. We caught them just before they left for their European tour in July, and asked them to talk about their new songs.

So on your tenth anniversary you will release FINAL CALL. How was production?

HIZUMI: It went along smoothly, which was unexpected. We had never been able to do it like that before.

Karyu: I think we were three times as fast…….no, five times as fast.

HIZUMI: We usually take a long time to produce. So it might be normal this time. (smile)

Why do you suppose the production went so smoothly this time?

HIZUMI: I think it’s because Mr. Kishi (Toshiyuki Kishi is the keyboardist and programmer of abingdon boys school) was just the best. (laugh)

I see! I heard you've had offers to work with him before. So this time was the first time you collaborated with him, and it seems to have worked out quite well.

Karyu: He chose good things well and his tempo was fast.

HIZUMI: It might be because our favorite sounds are similar to what Mr. Kishi likes too.

What did you think of working in a studio?

HIZUMI: What I felt most was that my voice was comfortable to listen to. When I sang, recorded, and listened to it, I felt that my voice has this or that kind of quality to it.

And you are just realizing that now? (laugh)

HIZUMI: Yes. Maybe other members thought so too.

Karyu: Yes…. I listened to only these three songs though. (smile)

When you decided on these songs for the single, what did you base the selection on? As I listened to it, I felt the songs are generally bright and go in the same direction.

Karyu: We had many songs made for this single!

So the songs were born like a fountain and just gushed out!

Karyu: They actually did you know....(laugh)

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