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interview - 06.11.2009 11:01

The Irregular Gear

After Plastic Tree finished their second one-man live in Budokan on August 30th, they started moving towards their next goal. Their best album Gestalt houkai (Breakdown of Gestalt) was released just before the Budokan live, and their new drummer, Satou KenKen, joined in July, so the band has been quite busy. We now take this opportunity to see how the members are feeling. We had this long-awaited interview with the four members including KenKen who appears here for the first time.

This is the first time for these four members to appear in Zy. How was the tour in July and August? (This interview was held in the middle of the tour.)

Tadashi Hasegawa: Honestly speaking, it was very fun.(laugh) We were able to see different expressions in songs that we played many times up until now because we played with Ken-chan (KenKen).

I see. (laugh) I remember that when you discussed the unscheduled encore at the live in JCB Hall (7/24), I saw a flustered expression on KenKen’s face. (laugh)

Tadashi: We played Psycho Garden, which we hadn't played even in our rehearsal!

Ryutaro Arimura: It wouldn’t come to the end if we didn’t play it at that time.

Satou KenKen: Well…..I was very surprised. But it was fun somehow.

Ryutaro: I felt fresh. Songs change their expression every time even after they are written, because of the band, the composer, and listeners. Perhaps there are songs that have their own will, but it’s interesting that the expressions of songs change when the player changes. They also have a good tension about them. (laugh)

When this magazine is released, you will have already finished the Budokan live (8/30), so instead we'll ask you about the best album Gestalt houkai (released on 8/26). You've released best albums before, so does this include only work from after that?

Tadashi: Yes. We selected songs from albums starting with Chandelier. I think that it is a good album for people who have recently come to know and like Plastic Tree. Of course, it has some older, maniac works which are main songs that have also been in our recent lives, so I'd like you to think of it as like a set list that you would hear in our live concerts.

For the rest of the interview, please refer to Zy 48.
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