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interview - 22.09.2008 22:00

Black bat and amusement place.

After finishing their spring tour, Plastic Tree began recording. They released Replay / Dolly on August 13th and their summer tour, Stereo-Koumorizoku, kicked off with this release. The final live on this tour took place at JCB Hall on September 6th. This time, the members were asked about their impressions on their new single.

At the time of the interview about your previous single, alone again wonderful world, we couldn't listen to the completed song. (smile) But this time, we can listen to Replay / Dolly in its almost final version. I heard that you have quite a lot of confidence in this work.

Ryutaro Arimura: Yes. But we always have confidence in our work. (laugh) However, I have wanted to release this kind of single, and this time I was able to do it.

When I listened to Replay it seemed like a sequel to your previous release, alone again wonderful world. What do you think?

Ryutaro: Ah, I think for me too, it is close to being the sequel.

How did it come to be so? Or was it just a natural flow?

Ryutaro: It happened naturally. I think it was also due to the flow from the tour.

The word "Ferris Wheel" appears in the lyrics. The jacket of alone again featured a Ferris Wheel, as you know. And for your spring tour, a Ferris Wheel was drawn as the background for the stage.

Ryutaro: It's one of the keywords. Well...I think that it's all right for people to think that this is the sequel to it...I think.

In creating the sound, were the other members aware that this may be a sequel?

Tadashi Hasegawa: I wasn't aware of it so much, but I felt like it continued somehow when I produced the work. If people say that it is the sequel, well maybe the song has some element of that.

Akira Nakayama: It's because it was made just after we finished the spring tour.

Ryutaro: Was it just after we came back?

Akira: No, it might have been before that...

Ryutaro: I remember we did it while we were on the tour.

Akira: So we couldn't help feeling that it was an extension of the tour, I think. In the first half of this year, we did various things at the same time.

Was it like you had to do both lives and recording?

Akira: Yes. So if we are asked if it's like a sequel to our last work... um~, it hasn't been that long since we recorded our previous release.

Ryutaro: When we recorded it, it wasn't like we recorded only this song for the single. Those songs weren't for the album, but we actually recorded several songs. If we thought we could do something good we just decided to shape it into something good afterward. I think that we had a fever from doing the lives and that rubbed off into our work.

How was the recording for the rhythm parts?

Hiroshi Sasabuchi: This time we had demo tapes and I heard from Ryutaro that he had something that he wanted to do. I had him listen to my ideas and he said that was what he was thinking too.

What direction did you get from Ryutaro?

Sasabuchi: I heard that he wanted to link things to the lyrics, so I thought, "Um~ what should I do? This is not going to be easy." (smile) So I asked him about the images in the parts that I didn't understand.

And he gave you his abstract expressions, right?

Ryutaro: In the first phase, yes. (smile) We recorded as we discussed things. I talked to all of the members about the whole image of that particular day as well. But there were things that I wanted to do that were beyond my ability, so I consulted with others about it and I shaped what I couldn't express with the use of a computer. In the end, Akira said it seemed "miserable." (smile)

Eh? What do you mean by that?

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