Zy 49: Sendai Kamotsu

interview - 20.12.2009 11:01


Sendai Kamotsu suddenly declared bankruptcy at an event held in the east gate of Shinjuku station on September 4th. They released their final album 凸~deko~on October 28th, leaving only one live left, their one-man live in Nippon Budokan on November 5th. While wondering what on earth happened to those words of Chiba in a former issue of Zy (laugh), we’ll ask Chiba, Satty, Fullface, Wan chen chen, and Giga flare about the true reason of their bankruptcy .

I have to say that I’m sorry to start off with this, but you announced your bankruptcy at the east gate of Shinjuku Station just four days after the release of Zy. And in that edition, you said something to the effect of “We won’t be beaten down by the recession!

All burst out laughing.

You kind of make everyone at Zy look stupid....

Chiba: No! That was not our intent! (laugh) Actually though, we knew it was going to happen but we could not say anything about it at that time.... just bad timing really.

Giga flare: However, I thought it would be better to stop with the Sendai live (in Zepp Sendai on September 22nd).

Really!? So you were already falling apart on the inside. (laugh) Fullface, how are you taking this bankruptcy?

Fullface: When I heard I didn’t really understand it, but just recently I suddenly started feeling lonely.

Giga flare: But you seem like you've been enjoying everything....

Chiba: It’s like “If people say they don’t like it, it means that they like it.”

Fullface: Shut up.(laugh) However, it's not like I enjoyed it, but I enjoyed seeing Chiba do his thing. I thought it would be sad the day we couldn’t see that..

Wan chen chen: Oh come on.... you can still see it...when we take baths together, you can see it continuously. (laugh)

Fullface: I know that, but I wonder how he could do such things in front of people. It could only be done only by Chiba.

Chiba: I’m normal in a bath, right?

Wan chen chen: You are sometimes not normal. (laugh)

That means you do those things on the stage as entertainment after all?

For the rest of the interview, please refer to Zy 49.
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