DEAD END Tour 2009 'Metamorphosis'

live report - 17.01.2010 11:01

Live report of the recently revived band's show at Shibuya-AX on November 20th.

This summer DEAD END reunited after a two decades long break at rock event JACK IN THE BOX, and on November 11 they released their new album METAMORPHOSIS. For their first tour, at their concert in Shibuya, both old and new fans were waiting for the performance to start, giving it the air of a concert different from all others.

The loud cheers of the members' names and thunderous clapping of the fans brought the members out onto the stage. They started off the set with the first song on the album, Matenrou Game, and the standing area was quickly transformed into a large wave of commotion. Vocalist MORRIE’s fascinating voice sang out powerfully, and guitarist YOU let us hear a wonderful solo performance. Additionally Bassist ”CRAZY” COOL-JOE’s well-balanced skill and the guest drummer for the tour Shinya (LUNA SEA) all drew us into the world of DEAD END.

They continued with three more songs from the album: Telepathy, Dress Burning, and Shine. Following, MORRIE addressed the crowd, “Are you ready? Please die with this song!” With that they launched into Frenzy. At the sound of this familiar song from the group’s indies period, cheers rose up in the excited audience. YOU and JOE moved around on the stage, left and right, heating up the fans who responded by punching the air. During the following Psychomania, YOU’s guitar played a bewitchingly beautiful melody that made the song very impressive. The fans really got heated up during I Can Hear The Rain, shaking their raised fists and singing along. A floating cross appeared for Guillotine, and MORRIE sat on the speaker and sang as though having an intimate conversation with the fans.

MORRIE started Devil Sleep off with whispering, after which they played the last song, Meigou. YOU’s guitar was mysterious and quiet, and MORRIE’s sexily murmured voice filled the entranced hall. The crowds exploded into applause when they finished.

For the first song of the encore, Princess, YOU and JOE moved to the front and center of the stage to play, while MORRIE was head banging on the drum stand. Following I’m In A Coma, MORRIE called out “Thank you!” and the members exited the stage.

The crowd cheered for more, and the members reappeared on the stage in answer to calls for their name. MORRIE said, “Do you know what we’re going to play now?” Immediately Beyond the Reincarnation began. Following was Song of A Lunatic, during which the stage filled with smoke, giving the appearance that the members were playing above the clouds.

When the applause didn’t die down, the members reappeared onstage. MORRIE addressed the crowd, “Thank you so much for today! Do we have some people who were here twenty years ago? People here for the first time?” After each question about half of the audience raised their hands, making the group a well-balanced crowd of longtime and new fans. It was evident the group has been continually loved for quite a long while. They continued with member introductions of support member Shinya, YOU - who wore the same outfit he had twenty years earlier at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo, and "CRAZY" COOL-JOE. MORRIE continued, “Are you guys ready? Let’s do one more song.” They finished off with The Awakening, meeting fan expectations all the way to the end.

DEAD END’s fan base has continued to grow, maintaining their old fans while adding new ones all the time. We hope they’ll surprise again with more activities from them in the coming year.

Set list:

1. Matenrou Game
2. Telepathy
3. Dress Burning
4. Shinen
5. Frenzy
6. Danse Macabre
7. Psychomania
8. I Can Hear The Rain
9. Promised Land
10. The Godsend
11. Kill Me Baby
12. Guillotine
13. Perfume of Violence
14. Devil Sleep
15. Meigou

Encore 1
En1. Princess
En2. I’m In A Coma

En3. Beyond the Reincarnation
En4. Song of A Lunatic

En5. The Awakening
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DEAD END 17/11

Tokyo - Japan
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