Hana Shounen Baddies - Boys get Book Live

live report - 25.01.2010 11:01

The Baddies celebrated their guitarist Minemura's birthday by rocking out Takadanobaba AREA.

Hana Shounen Baddies started their activities half a year ago and have already performed at many events and released two singles, all of which was topped off with a one-man live on guitarist Minemura’s birthday, November 7. The fans in the hall waited for the members to appear, readying their towels and banner, which were the tour goods this time. To an SE of birds singing, the members appeared in impressive black cloaks from the CD jacket of Book, which was released on October 21.

The hall got heated up from the first song, Book, and when the song ended the members shed their cloaks, continuing with Blind Good Girl – Watashi no kare wa toumei ningen. Following came introductions: drummer Hiroshi, bassist Tsubuku, guitarist Takuma, guitarist and leader Minemura, and vocalist BAKU, who finished up with, “Let’s go everyone!” With this, the band launched into Untouchable, throughout which the fans were spurred on by Tsubuku, Takuma and Minemura as they exchanged places. BAKU then called, “Baddies, first day of the tour! Let’s go all out!”

Continuing with Casablanca, BAKU shook a large white flag bearing the Baddies logo, and Minemura treated everyone to an impressive solo. For Rose helicopter, the members spun their towels in the air, and the fans followed suit with their own towels. The standing area in the crowd was dyed blue as the blue towels waved and spun en masse. Next was a new song, NBL, which has a pop sound, and Tsubuku showed off his rap vocals.

Blame all began with a piano intro, and the mirror ball shone brightly as it turned. BAKU’s vocals and Minemura’s guitar solo were particularly enjoyable. When the painful melody of Tuesday ~ Kaibutsu wa koufuku ni michita was played, the crowd exploded into applause. Hiroshi gave a drum solo and said, “You guys hate lonely nights, right?” Afterward, the band launched into Sharan Q’s Iiwake.

The members continued with more aggressive songs. During Shounen [B] Out and The Bluffer, the fans followed the members’ lead, moving left and right to the music. BAKU then addressed the crowd: “Thank you for a fun night! We started activities in May, did a lot of lives in the summer, and tonight, seeing all of your faces, I’m full of warm feelings. Everyone follow me!”

The main set ended with the single Blue Bad Boy, but the fans began singing "Happy Birthday" for Minemura, and the band returned on stage for the encore wearing their tour T-shirts. Minemura chatted with the fans for a bit, thanking them and announcing a DVD release scheduled for December 24. He also announced their third single, Otomazakura, would be released on January 13. BAKU then took over, thanking everyone for the encore and announcing a new Baddies song, Kokoro. With its pop sound, bright melody and Takuma’s guitar play, the new song made a wonderful impression. When the following Hikari no Gunman finished, the members left the stage again.

The fans called out for an encore once again, and Hiroshi appeared alone on the stage, lit by a red light. To the rhythm of Hiroshi’s drum, the members, wearing white hats, took the stage carrying their flags. When the members started their flag performance, the audience exploded in a roar of delighted surprise. From there they dove into Boo car go go. The fans followed the movement of BAKU’s flag while enjoying Takuma’s guitar solo.

Hiroshi then took his turn to speak to the audience. “Thank you for today! Today the five of us were able to do everything we’ve been striving for over the past six months!” BAKU added, “I had no idea doing a one-man would be so much fun! Thank you!” Takuma contributed, “We’ve kept running for five months, and we’re so glad you believed in us!” Minemura joined in, saying, “Thanks for remembering my birthday! Actually we five have gathered and shared our opinions. I’m so glad it’s been a success! We call our fans “blossoms.” To the longtime “blossoms” who’ve supported us from the beginning, and the recent “blossoms” who’ve supported us since Baddies, and also the “blossoms” who couldn’t be here today, thank you so much. Thank you!” BAKU finished up, “I’m so glad we were well received today, the first day! Thanks to all of you!”

They ended with the well-known piece Blossom, from the discography of their previous band. The fans sang the main melody along with Minemura, Takuma, Tsubuku and Hiroshi, creating a large chorus that enveloped the hall by the end. BAKU then delighted the crowd with a back flip and shouted, "Thank you!" The members then linked hands and jumped together, finishing the live.

During today's live, the members seemed to shine even more brightly than they had as their previous incarnation.The flag performance is something unique to this band that can't be found elsewhere, and fans should look forward to their next performance.

Set list:

1. Book
2. Blind Good Girl -Watashino kareha toumeininngen-
3. untouchable –idainaru kanjou –
4. Casablanca
5. Rose helicopter
6. NBL
7. [bit;] Ame ni setsuzokusareta sekai
8. Lagrange point
9. Blame all
10. Tuesday ~ Kaibutsu wa koufuku ni michita
Drum Solo
11. Sakotsu ni nemure
12. Jin no iki e -It’s Integral-
13. Shounen [B] Out
14. The Bluffer
15. Blue Bad Boy

1. Kokoro
2. Hikari no Gunman

Flag performance
1. Boo car go go
2. Blossom
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