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interview - 31.10.2008 23:00

Reach out to everything...

It has been four months since the release of their major debut, Birth. Next, D will release a conceptual maxi single, Yami no kuni no Alice/Hamon. The title, apparently, was created for fans who have followed the group for a long time and the content shows just how deep their view of the world is. Their songs are very meaningful, showing us where D is now and perhaps giving us a glimpse of where they may be headed in the future.

Four months have passed since your major debut. How have you been?

Ruiza: We have been so busy...

Hiroki: We live everyday to the fullest. (laugh)

So finding the time to record this second single must have been difficult. Listening to Yami no kuni no Alice/Hamon, I feel that D is searching, looking deeper into their own world. What do you think?

Asagi: In this release, we want to return to our beginnings, and be very D. We previously released a song called Alice. Do you remember it?

Yes, Alice was a song that was released when the band was in its first stages.

Asagi: We have played that song since our first live concert and have always thought that the world the lyrics portray would always give birth to more music.

In the first limited edition B, there is a song called Mad tea party. It is kind of strange that up until now you had not released a song with that title, as you have used it to represent your mini community magazine and in various events since the creation of the band. Did you time this?

Asagi: Yes. I had an image in my mind for this song from before, but the timing was not right. Now the timing suits us, so we are releasing it now. I still have many songs and images that aren't born yet. But if we released them randomly, the band would lose its direction. So the timing is important.

I see. So the combination of these four songs, Yami no kuni no Alice and Hamon, coupled with Mad tea party and Rosarium were the best for the present D, right?

Asagi: Yes, I think so. That is why we are releasing this conceptual maxi single.

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