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On November 9, 2009, SEX MACHINEGUNS gave an explosive performance in Kanazawa.

SEX MACHINEGUNS dashed into their 11th year with the long awaited release of their 8th full album 45°↗. Their new members, KEN'ICHI on drums and SHINGO☆ on bass, have grown up so much since their national tour and three one-man lives in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Additionally ,they started their autumn national tour on October 10th. The momentum of SEX MACHINEGUNS is on a diagonal increase, with an injection of young energy pushing them forward to be more “bright, happy, and heavy”!

The live, held in Kanazawa AZ, was an unforgettable show in which we could feel their powerful sounds, performance, and strong vocals directly with our bodies. The live house was almost full with audience members who were eagerly waiting for the performance to begin. When the lights switched off, the tension of the audience ran even higher, and they started shouting “ANCHANG!” The members eventually appeared on the stage, and the live started with Mikan no uta. While the drums and guitar sounds rang heavy, the audience cheered and head banged to the fast rhythm, quickly becoming one unit. In the following Tabetai nametai kikenchitai, the fans kept head banging in the red light and jumped along to SHINGO☆ ’s calls. At the end of this song, they raised their hands up making the rock hand sign in the air (curling the middle and ring fingers while keeping the other fingers straight).

ANCHANG then called out to the crowd: “Kanazawa! How have you been? You are different today! The air is thin! Come on, you guys! We are blowing from the beginning, and we’ll continue to the end! I feel hot and sticky already! Hotter, stronger, ANACONDA!” As he shouted, ANACONDA started. Guitarist SUSSY and bassist SHINGO☆ bent their bodies diagonally as they raised their right hands up into the air and then lifted their left legs up into the air also. The fans head banged under the flashing lights and raised their hands in time with KEN'ICHI’s drums. They kept this momentum going in ONIGUNSOU and JAPAN, and the live heated up more and more. The fans head banged hard and pumped their fists to the music, and when the song finished with a call of “JAPAN!”, they all raised their fists up into the air at once.

ANCHANG again addressed the crowd: “Hey come on guys! This air is way too thin. We are going too fast. You are different from before, right? Very good today♪.” The audience answered his questions affirmatively with exuberant expressions on their faces. Then SUSSY took over the MC: “Today, I think I am higher than any of you! Can you see that? Let’s make Kanazawa something totally different! Are you ready?” The audience screamed “Yeah!” and the band dashed into TIGER BIKINI. The hall was quickly enveloped with strong lights and an explosion of sound, making the walls and the whole venue vibrate. In the following Mori no kumasan, SHINGO☆ and SUSSY stood at the center of the stage, getting the fans stirred up. The crowd then sang together the lyrics “mo! ri! no! kuma san!”

ANCHANG then said with a joyful smile, “Are you enjoying yourselves? You know I’m already 39 years old! But I’m full of energy.” Then SHINGO☆ took over: “Today, Kanazawa is so much more energetic than before, Kanazawa is great!” Following this, Inu no seikatsu started, and was followed by Diamond gundan and Aijin 28. High-pitched vocals from ANCHANG resounded in the air while the audience head banged and pumped their fists to the movement of the band members, who grew more excited as they looked out at their wild audience.

KEN’ICHI was introduced with the words “Our drummer is the strongest man in Japan, KEN'ICHI!” During his drum solo fans cheered and screamed until his performance finished with a strong clap of the cymbals. The next song, Pride was introduced with a call of, “Do you have hot souls? Burn! Pride!” The stage was lit with a red light and the audience pumped their fists in the air as they called “ANCHANG!” The vocalist then spoke to the fans, saying, “This song Pride is the theme song of the fifth phase of SEX MACHINEGUNS. We haven’t changed our style, even though some of our members have changed. But I have to say we have only three songs left.” When ANCHANG said this, the audience yelled in despair. “Let’s perform together,” he continued. “Are you ready? Irasshaimase (Welcome)!” Smoke was then shot out onto the stage, and Famiresu (Family restaurant) Bomber started. Following, they rushed right into Sakurajima and GERMAN POWER. The audience moved about even more wildly than before as they head banged and jumped, spurred on by the members who shouted, “Come on Kanazawa! I! shi! ka! wa! Ishikawa, power!” The drums exploded and the live reached its climax. “We are SEX MACHINGUNS!” After the members left the stage, the excited audience continued calling “SEX MACHINGUNS!” as they raised their hands and crossed them in a victory pose.

“Thank you for calling for us!” SHINGO☆ called as he ran out onto the stage, followed by KEN’ICHI, SUSSY and ANCHANG. They then performed Junk Food and Katare! Namida!. “Did you enjoy yourselves?” ANCHANG called. “Kanazawa was the best today!” SHINGO☆ followed up with: “Thank you Kanazawa! Were you hot and sticky? I know you were, which means you are living! I enjoyed myself!” The audience didn’t stop cheering for the band members even after they left the stage again. In response, the members appeared on the stage again, and ANCHANG said, “We have time, so we’ll play more.” For the final song, they played SEXMACHINEGUNS. The movement and tension of the members and fans became even more frenzied in the main melodies, and the live reached another pinnacle. As the band and the audience became one, the energy in the air was almost palpable. It was quite a live to say the least. This band is undeniably on quite a role, and we are looking forward to seeing them again soon.

Set list:

1. Mikan no uta
2. Tabetai! Nametai! Kikenchitai!
7. Mori no kumasan
8. Inu no seikatsu
9. Diamond gundan
10. Aijin28
11. Pride
12. Famiresu Bomber
13. Sakurajima

En-1. Junk Food
En-2. Katare! Namida!
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