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interview - 22.02.2010 11:01

“NOW”=blend of past and present=“FEATURE”

If you are able take a look at the three different versions of girugamesh’s new album NOW, do it while you still can. The first limited edition has a re-take of two songs that were recorded on Goku-shohangata enban- (first released in June 2005). The second limited edition album has a DVD which is different from the first super limited edition, and the third is the regular edition that has new songs which aren’t included in either editions. Maybe hard for some of you to follow, but take a look at them all, it is certainly worth it.

Despite of the title NOW, I feel that this album signals a return to your origins.

Яyo: Do you?

Wasn’t the theme returning to your origin?

Яyo: No. In girugamesh two albums before, we put in computer programming sounds, so it was like mixture that was close to hard rock. Then in our last work MUSIC, digital sounds stood out and the band sounds stayed in the background...This time, concept was that we would mix both and release something even better, like we could release a band sound and a digital sound too.

That does come across when you listen to it. The base is made by a band with digital sound put on top.

Яyo: The rhythm is a little less than usual maybe? Last time, we put a lot of digital rhythm in our music but this time, we put in a lot of strings, which gives many of the songs a floating feeling.

Nii: And we wanted to make the distance between the audience and ourselves smaller.

Яyo: I think that the second song bit crash, and ninth song DIRTY STORY of the regular edition, convey that we the band and the audience can really just fool around in the song together.

Sounds fun.

Яyo: Can’t wait.

I think that idea is very much what girugamesh is about.

Яyo: Maybe. But we didn’t really think so much about that, we just made our music about what we felt now.

Satoshi: Before, I think that it used to be like we were behind everyone and cheering, but now we are in front of the audience cheering and leading them. We made the album after we toured 47 prefectures and did a European tour, so we talked about the lyrics with all the members for the first time. As a result, we then decided to show ourselves in a different light from before. I listened to this album, looked back on myself, and I wrote as though I was going to go ahead further and lead everyone.

Nii: We talked about arrow a lot, didn’t we?

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