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As we wrote in SAKITO’s personal interview in the previous issue, Nightmare will release the album GIANIZM on January 1st, 2010. It has all ten GIANIZM songs: eight songs from Jishou~Shounen Terrorist to GIANIZM 9 plus newly added GIANIZM 4 and GIANIZM 10. SAKITO said this series has become a brand of Nightmare, so it’s the best CD to be the first project of their 10th anniversary.

The songs of GIANIZM have finally become one album, so I’ll ask each of you about your memorable songs today.

Ni~ya: GIANIZM 8 was hard. It was a big wall.

SAKITO: You mean slapping (the bass)?

Ni~ya: Yes. Even now, when we play in our lives, I play it in our dressing room until the live starts.

SAKITO: Now that you mention it, you do, do that.

Ni~ya: Yes. I didn’t know why, but the interlude somehow turned into a rhythm solo, but RUKA told me, “Let’s play slapping, not using the pick.” So I said, “Slapping!? How do I do that?” and I tried and tried. Finally I was able to make some interesting phrases.

Aside from GIANIZM 8, are there many phrases where bass playing stands out in GIANIZM songs?

SAKITO: Yes. Was it GIANIZM 8 that you played slapping for the first time?

Ni~ya: No, in GIANIZM 7.

SAKITO: I see. I like the moment when only the bass is being played. A guitarist plays alone when he plays solo and guitar riffs, and a drummer stands out because of the sounds. So I wanted to bring out the goods points of the bassist in GIANIZM more. Ni~ya answered my requests, so I carried out and increased the emphasis on the bass more and more.

Ni~ya: When we make a single, we think about how easy it is to listen to, or how easy it is to sing, but in GIANIZM, we arranged the music thinking about how we could put new things into our music. So even though it was hard it was interesting too.

Do you have any songs that are special for you, HITSUGI?

For the rest of the interview, please refer to Zy 50.
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