Zy 50: Ruki (the GazettE)

interview - 27.03.2010 11:01

Ten kinds of jokes, suspicious secret

the GazettE closed the year 2009 with a Christmas live in Tokyo Big Site on December 24th. They will open the year 2010 with a live tour presented by their fanclub. It’s been a while since we have seen the band so active, and we have to wonder what we can expect in the future and what the band members are thinking at the moment. We asked Ruki about this in his personal interview.

It is great to have you in the 50th issue of Zy.. I remember the first time you appeared in our magazine, you went straight to the cover! (No.27)

Ruki: It was when we released NIL. I remember! (laugh)

At that time, you were already performing in big halls, and had a lot of momentum as a band, but the road you guys were taking was very intense.

Ruki: Yeah, it has been about four years since NIL. Hearing the name out loud it feels so long ago. (smile) Not that we've released that many albums, it was only two albums ago. So it shouldn’t feel like that, but I feel like time has passed by so quickly. I think our band activities have been kept at a gradual pace too.

Did you plan to take your time releasing albums originally?

Ruki: No, we did the long tour (‘07-‘08). After that, we released Guren, and then LEECH…then we started producing an album, but we released the single DISTRESS AND COMA, which was supposed to be the coupling song of LEECH, so it took more time to release the album.

Well, because of that, the album was incredibly full. This year, you released the album DIM without any troubles and did a tour…. But in my personal opinion, you had only a few tours in 2009. (laugh)

Ruki: I think so too. We had said previously that we wouldn’t do many tours in 2009. We wanted to make songs, but… we didn’t end up making that many. (laugh)

No? That’s a waste.(laugh)

Ruki: I don’t mean we were slacking. (smile) We were quite busy. However, we've had more time recently, so it’s good to be able to think.

So if you have time now, tell us what you are up to!

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