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interview - 12.11.2008 23:00

Sound Spirit and Whirlpool

Kagrra, will release their new single, Uzu, on September 10th, nearly two years after their last single release in November 2006. The members, ready to release something that will surely be their next trademark, are all pumped up and ready to go. Uzu has been used as the theme song for a horror movie, "Hitorikakurennbo" and the coupling song, Hoozuki, is the theme song for BS-I drama, "Kaidan shin mimibukuro special." Shi gatsu tuitachi (re-cut from their fourth album, Core) was used when they appeared in the NHK drama "Cat street," which was broadcast in Japan on September 18th. In this interview we asked them about their plans from now on.

You will release Uzu after about a one year, ten month break and I have to say that it is really good.

Isshi: This time we got tie-ins for almost all the songs that we recorded. Honestly speaking, we were asked for tie-ins first and then we selected the songs that would be used.

That is unusual. Usually songs are created first, then chosen.

Isshi: Yes. But Uzu and Hoozuki were the other way around.

How did you produce them?

Isshi: Uzu was made by Shin.

Shin: I made the original song quite a long time ago. The general mood of the song was completed, but it was a little bit different from what I wanted, so I redid the melody. I wrote several main melodies and we chose them together.

By the way, Uzu is the theme song for the DVD horror movie "Hitorikakurenbo." I think you were happy about this tie-in because you like horror, Isshi. So was there anything that you were really particular about in the creation of that song?

Isshi: Well, I was particular about the impact and mysteriousness of it, I think. I think I tried to do something that was more internal than horror. I approached it from more of a psychological side, I think. I think that if there was more splatter that it would have to be a metal song. It's not like that and we can show more of ourselves to people too. So I think that it is perfect.

So, you produced it easily?

Isshi: No, it was hard. In the end we had three songs left and we let the clients listen to them. Two songs had one chorus and Uzu only had an intro, but they told us to go ahead with it. I think that the intro of the song must be very persuasive.

So the beginning is important!

Shin: It was easy to understand the approach for this song. I was able to make it without any real problems.

Akiya: I think so. We decided on the details as we discussed things with Shin. We developed it well, I think, especially within the limited time we had.

Nao: It was a very tight schedule for creating the rhythm. However, we did it just as it came to me. I just arranged it dramatically from the intro.

Izumi: I was a little nervous, but I put everything I had into it. I could feel the emotion, so I played it just as I felt it.

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