stylish wave EXTRA’09 vol.2

live report - 12.04.2010 10:01

The night rocked on as Frantic EMIRY, And, vistlip and DaizyStripper took to the stage.

The second edition of stylish wave EXTRA'09 took place on October 11th at the Takadanobaba Area. Four bands performed on this evening, amongst them the newer Frantic EMIRY, And and the more established vistlip and DaizyStripper.

Frantic EMIRY

When the lights turned off, Frantic EMIRY appeared. All five were dressed in gothic costumes with lace and frills. Solemnly, the sound of the piano rang over and over as dramatic music was played. The vocalist, who wore a black veil, delivered the emotional song to the audience, and the arpeggio of the guitar carried the momentum. The song changed radically during the main melody; the edgy guitar harmonized with the catchy main melody. The audience raised their fists and pumped them to the song's rhythm. Towards the climax, with the sound of the echoing keyboard, the members and the audience headbanged violently.

Though they only played one song, world end, the five members of the band gave the fans a surprising performance. They were an interesting group and are definitely worth seeing.

Set list:

01. world end


Next to appear was And. The members were in Japanese style costumes, and as soon as they took the stage, the heavy tune Blackout was played. The fans jumped up and down and headbanged heavily to Ikuma’s shouts. Continuing with CODE「B」, another heavy tune, the band performed in a particularly visually impressive way, especially when Ikuma moved his hands like a marionette.

Ikuma gave a short MC to everyone in the form of a ‘business report.' The information was about the release of their long-awaited full album 「-&-」, which came out in December 2009, and their one-man performance mission in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. The audience gave a loud shout of joy at the news.

For the following Inochi no kane ha narihibiku, Kiri played a nostalgic guitar solo during the first part of the song. Fans were moved by the repeated guitar phrases and the emotional vocals by Ikuma, who began to stir the crowd up by shouting ”Enjoy more and more!” Kiri, who had his guitar positioned high, got on the center riser. Suzune played powerful guitar lines in [email protected]. The fans provided the choreography, forming a heart with both hands and holding it toward the stage.

Next was Tokage-tokage-, and the fans clapped their hands left and right. When the song became more up-tempo, the fans reached their hands toward the stage. The speed accelerated, and Ikuma worked the audience many times, fueling them with “Shout! ”and “Let me hear you get louder!” Soon, Sensen hukoku was performed. Suzune played the drums powerfully to the bass lines by Ken. The fans headbanged and enjoyed waving their hands. When Ikuma urged the audience to come closer and jump up and down, the fans jumped all at once. Ken and Kiri climbed onto the center stand while Peco came to the center of the stage and pumped up the crowd.

The last number, Sobut, showed the power of the band. Beginning with Ikuma’s countdown, Kiri and Ken came to the center of the stage and stirred the audience up. The audience moshed left and right in the heated venue. Along with Suzune’s drumming, the venue's energy reached its peak. And finished the live with a salute to the audience. Although it was a short, forty-minute show, the band showed their mettle by delivering nostalgic melodies as well as tremendous energy.

Set list:

01. Blackout
02. CODE「B」 
03. Inoch no kane ha narihibiku
04. Koisuru @ BOY
05. Tokage-tokage-
06. Sensen hukoku
07. Sobut


The following band was vistlip. The audience cheered and welcomed the members by clapping their hands. The show kicked off with a welcome word from Tomo: “Welcome to vistlip!” The first song was Public GAME, which had an impressive bass sound. Fans jumped with their fists pumping. Following up with Pave au chocola, the energy went higher. Tomo sang rap phrases and delivered the beautiful main melody with his high pitched voice. As Yuh stirred the audience up, they responded by raising their fists and waving their hands. During the short MC, the fans shouted with joy as they heard the information that vistlip would release a full album in December. The most surprising news was about the overseas performance in Finland!

After the MC, Princess Dizzy started. Rui played a heavy bass line and Tohya beat out powerful phrases on his drums. Tomo sang lyrically and sometimes used falsetto. In the following EGOIST, the crowd enjoyed swinging their towels around. Yuh and Umi moved about the stage vigorously and stirred the fans up.

Then, a beautiful piano SE filled the venue. It was time for Aya to perform. The fans headbanged wildly as the band rushed into another powerful number, Gizen MASTER. The two guitarists played up against each other while Tomo ran about the stage.

For the fans who wanted to enjoy the moment more, the last song, -OZONE-, was played. A light and driving number, the band played with a smile on their faces. The fans reached their hands toward the stage and enjoyed the show. During the live, Tomo had repeatedly voiced “I am happy" and left the stage saying “Thank you!” The band and the fans seemed to enjoy every moment of the live together.

Set list:

01. Public GAME
02. Pave au chocolat
03. Princess Dizzy
SE -type secret-
05. Aya
06. Gizen MASTER
07. -OZONE-
SE ‐OZONE piano ver.‐


Last to perform was DaizyStripper, who had recently performed a one-man live at Ebisu Liquidroom in August. Gradually, an Asian-sounding SE started to fill the venue, and then the curtains opened. One by one, the members appeared on stage wearing colorful kimonos. Right away, TRUTH started. Yugiri shook his head intensely and the fans all had their fists up, getting ready for the song. Mayu, Nao, Rei and Yu-giri gathered at the center of the stage while Kazami pounded on the drums.

For the MC, Yu-giri shouted: "Shake it! TOKYO---!“ It fueled the venue as they proceeded to the next song, Jiteki Showtime. A heavy song with a little bit of spice to it, the fans headbanged, pumped their fists and sometimes moved their hands like a fan.

His MC continued with announcements of a one-man live in Akasaka Blitz in December 2009 and the release of a new mini-album, THE BEAUTY.

Next, they performed Lyrical Night. The moody, jazzy song quickly changed into an upbeat jazz number, and the fans enjoyed waving their hands right to left. For the following song, Brilliant Days, Mayu showed up with an acoustic guitar and started the beautiful ballad. The lights in the back rotated quietly as a spotlight shone on Yu-giri, who sang very powerfully to the end. The venue quietly listened and appreciated the song, and when it was over, applause arose from the audience.

For the third MC, Yu-giri talked about their other activities as the band Frantic Emily. Then they played Shikisai vivid, a driving, mid-tempo number. The members enjoyed playing the main melody with a grin on their faces. Little Ballerina came next, and the fans responded to Yu-giri’s shouts and the guitar solo with headbanging. With the audience rhythmically clapping to Kazami’s drumming, Nao, Mayu, and Rei came to the front and urged the audience to move even more.

As the fans got more and more excited, the last song, decade, was played. The audience moshed right to left to the rhythm of the song. The members, as well as the audience, moved a lot, and the members were definitely smiling delightedly. When decade ended, the band left the stage while thanking the crowd.

Soon after, the members came back to answer the encore call with their signature song, Dandelion. The live ended beautifully with the band and the audience singing the main melody of this song together.

Set list:

02. Jiteki showtime
03. Lyrical Night
04. Shikisai vivid
05. Brilliant Days.
06. Little Ballerina
07. decade
En. Dandelion
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