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interview - 06.12.2008 23:00

delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure.

An Cafe is currently planning their 5th anniversary project. Their first project was the open air live ANCAFESTA'08 SUMMER DIVE in Yokohama Akarengasouko Event Square on August 30th and it was a dramatic live where strong bonds with Cafekko were reinforced while doing an encore in a downpour of rain. The second project is their single, Koakuma USAGI no koibumi to machine gun e.p., which includes four songs and will be released on October 29th. It has also been determined that LIVE CAFE・TOUR'08-09 NYAPPY GO AROUND "LOVE & GUN" will be released too!!

Your new single, Koakuma USAGI no koibumi to machine gun e.p. has four totally different types of songs on it.

Miku: Yes, I thought it would be nice to be able to make four representative pillars of An Cafe. As a result, we have been able to express feelings of delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure through our tunes and lyrics over these five years.

Yes. I think that you have really succeeded in doing that. So I will ask you about them one by one. The first song, MY ♥ LEAPS FOR "C" is a bright, dance-rock song that matches An Cafe very well.

Miku: Yes, it does. It's a little bit sad, and it's a dance tune where you can feel winter, I think.

Yu-ki: The synthesized violin in the background of the main melody is beautiful and I think we were able to create a good mood.

Teruki: I was asked to make a song that was difficult. But we had talked before about how we had made difficult songs, so we changed the arrangement more and more, and then we settled on the present shape. Only the intro was left in its original form. So when I listen to the intro, it feels like that hard song will start even though we changed it. (Laugh)

kanon: Ah, I understand. I think that this song really came together during the final mixing.

Miku: Yes! I think that mixing it really gave it its shininess, and it turned out really good.

Teruki: When the direction of the arrangement was changing, it was a little unclear about where it would go. I kept telling myself to keep trying and work at it. (Laugh)

Miku, are your lyrics a love song for your fans?

Miku: The theme is about expressing these five years, so we have delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure. I thought that it would be good if it was kind of like a love letter to Cafekko.

What's "C" in the title of MY ♥ LEAPS FOR "C"?

Miku: It's "C" for Cafekko.

I see! So you sing "C" as you pronounce "you."

Miku: Yes. And I sing it to each and every Cafekko, not Cafekko as a whole.

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