Interview with ViViD Before Japan Expo

interview - 16.06.2010 10:01

Visual kei band ViViD granted JaME an introductory interview before their performance at the Japan Expo in Paris, France.

Although the band only began in early 2009, ViViD has already gained surprising success in the visual kei scene with an imaginative, but at the same time grounded approach to music. JaME had the chance to get to know the band through a mail interview shortly before their overseas debut at the Japan Expo in Paris, France on July 3rd. The members of ViViD explain how they began, their concept and what they hope to achieve throughout their career.

How did you choose the name ViViD? Is there a special meaning behind it?

Ko-ki: When each of us thought about our band’s name, we happened to think of the same name. We always want to keep shining in this scene, so we decided on this name.

Could you explain the band’s concept for those that are not familiar with ViViD?

Reno: We are a band which plays various kinds of music in any genre as the genre of ViViD. To put it briefly, we play a melodic mixture rock.

How did ViViD form? How did you meet one another?

Ryouga: First, IV invited Ko-ki, who he'd met in a live house, then those two invited Reno and me, and lastly Shin joined at just the right time, so we became to be like this now.

How did ViViD join the PSC Indie label?

IV: When Ko-ki and I played in the unit ZiL before, they paid attention to us, and we decided to join them.

ViViD only started in 2009 but has already gained great success, why do you think this is?

Ko-ki: Honestly speaking, we're not satisfied yet, but I think it’s because we are playing with reliable members.

Your style ranges from quiet dark to brighter, happier styles. Which is your personal favorite?

Shin: I aim to be a vocalist who can sing anything, so that's my style.

Why did you choose visual kei as a genre, have you always had a passion for this type of music?

Shin: I chose this genre because the ways of expression are infinite.

What music has influenced you, both Japanese and Western?

Reno: I was influenced by Steve Vai, Gary Moore and Eric Clapton. They are the people who influenced me a lot as a guitarist.

For your PVs, photo shoots, and so on, do you make your own costumes?

Ryouga: We asked our designer to make costumes which match the theme each time and what we members want to wear.

What are your favorite fashion brands?

Ryouga: Roen, FUGA.
IV: MilkBoy, JoyRich, SPX.
Ko-ki: adidas.

Where do you get your inspiration from, both musically and visually? How do you usually go about writing your music?

IV: I try to listen to music I don’t usually listen to. I compose by using DTM (Desktop Music, or composition with personal computer, electric instruments and MIDI).

Can you please recommend a song for our readers to get a sense of ViViD’s style?

Ko-ki: Across the border!

Your most recent single Across the border has a very evocative title. What is the meaning behind this?

Shin: We’ll break all walls.

Your next single, Precious, is scheduled for release soon. What kind of feeling are you hoping to convey with this newest release?

Reno: We want to send our thoughts for our fans through our words and music.

ViViD will be playing at the Japan Expo. This is your first time abroad as a band, are you excited to be playing for an overseas audience?

Ryouga: I think we’ll be able to do a great live. We'll be excited and put our hearts into it more than ever.

Do you have any plans for when you arrive in France?

EIV: I want to take pictures.

Are there any other countries that you would like to perform in?

Ko-ki: America!

What do you think of the popularity of visual kei overseas?

Shin: I’m happy that the genre of visual kei is getting accepted in the world.

If there were one thing you could tell overseas fans about visual kei, what would it be?

Reno: Visual kei is not one music genre, because we’ll play any music genre.

Do you have any advice for any budding musicians interested in ViViD’s style?

Ryouga: We can’t say such grand things, but if you persist in what you want to do and keep practising, I think you can get good results.

Are there any types of music you would like to try in the future?

IV: We are doing now what we want to do.

Are there any issues you would like to tackle through your music?

Ko-ki: Real live streaming all over the world!

What are you plans for the future of ViViD?

Shin: We want to do lives at the Nippon Budokan someday.

Can you please give a message to our readers?

Shin: I love you.
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