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interview - 04.07.2010 10:01

new life after retirement

Mix Speakers,Inc. (MSI) will release their first best album NEVER ENDING STORY on June 16th, made up of 14 selected songs and one new song. They will release it just before the one-man live ANIMAL ZOMBIES in Hibiya Yagai Daiongakudou, which will be the official start of their third story. Their will to reconfirm MSI's identity is evident. Three years after the band's formation, what are the six members feeling now?

As you're releasing the best album, let’s look back three years, to when you first formed MSI.

MIKI: Well, the first year was hard. I had lots of questions like “Why are we dancing!?”

Were there a lot of questions for you too at first, S?

MIKI: S, you were just a lump of conflict, right?

S: Yes, I was. First of all, I was ordered to change my name even though I played under a different name than before. I was told that if I changed my name I could fit my new character more, but I thought the same thing as MIKI, “Why do I have to change!?” Next, my role was a fat character and I hadn’t done that before, so I thought “Why do I have to be the one!?”

seek: It sounds awful? You always say I make up stories, but you make up stories quite a lot too! (laughs)

But were you really forced to change your name?

S: Yes. I thought since he's saying so much about it, then why not try it? But then once I started there was no turning back. (laugh)

seek: Once S gets a taste for something, he's quick to try things he hated to do before. When he does it and gets a good reaction from the audience, he reacts positively. Then he asks, “Do you have any more ideas?” (laugh) He changed so quickly, he was very adaptable.

How about Keiji?

Keiji: I had similar experiences, but I thought I would do whatever I wanted to do, even in terms of my character. For example there was the Mecha Police, but as long as I was a policeman I could be however I wanted, right? I thought I could play a policeman that fit me, so I didn’t worry so much.

You are so positive!

Keiji: It's taken me three years to be positive.(laugh)

How about YUKI?

YUKI: In my former band I also played comical shows or picture-story shows. So I didn’t feel any resistance at all. I actually wanted to dance. So what I felt was difficult at first was twin vocals, which I'd never done before. I didn't wonder why, I just thought, "What should I do?" I have been working hard to find that over these last three years.

Did you find your answer?

YUKI: From the long tour in our second year, I started being able to enjoy things. I started changing gradually from around 7 NIGHT PARADE, but I really changed a lot in the long tour after that. Before, I had only thought about how I could make the audience enjoy themselves at lives, and I didn’t enjoy things at all.

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