Zy 43: Tetsu (Merry)

interview - 18.12.2008 23:00

Fading to gray...

Number four in Merry's personal interview series is Tetsu, the tall bassist. His image is cool and quiet, but what is he really like? In this interview, we tried to see a different facet of Tetsu while asking about the band's first Christmas song, Fuyu no castanet, which will be released on November 26th, and about their live at C.C. Lemon Hall on December 24th.

The 4th personal interview of Merry... Tetsu, honestly speaking, I think you probably have quite a tongue.

Tetsu: Do you think so? I never show that side of me. I think I seem more like a Buddha.

And you say that yourself? (laugh) Recently I noticed that, at times, your comments can be rather severe.

Tetsu: Perhaps it's my true character to have a sharp tongue. But there is a difference between having a sharp tongue and saying bad things about people. I have a sharp tongue because I have love. On the contrary, if I have hate, I think I wouldn't say anything at all. If I hated I would just say "NO," and that's all. (laugh)

You make things so clear. You can't say that in normal interviews.

Tetsu: But you know, I am not really conscious of having a sharp tongue.

Really? (smile) Tetsu, you have strong likes and dislikes; I'm surprised you get along with the members of Merry so comfortably as most of them also have such peculiarities.

Tetsu: First of all, I respect the abilities of each member, and we are comfortable with each others' characters. We have certain positions regarding various things and it works well, I think.

I see. Well, changing the subject, it may be a little early to say that 2008 will end soon, but in May you did the final live of your lengthy tour at Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan. I think that was a turning point for you.

Tetsu: I think that the tour was big. We started Many Merry Days #03 at the end of last year and we traveled around for ~#4 starting in May. We changed, I think, looking more to the outside. Up until then, we just expressed ourselves within the stage provided, but we became able to send our message to every part of the venue, I think. Moreover, we became able to see the reaction of the audience and interact with them. We weren't a band that did lives like that before. Now I think we can do that. As a band, we did lives aiming for good results, and I think that Buntai signified our success in being able to do that.

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