Zy 52: HITSUGI (Nightmare)

interview - 30.07.2010 05:35

Visual philosophy

This is the second appearance for Nightmare’s HITSUGI. We shot him in four different styles with and without his stage make-up, and looked deeper into his visual philosophy.

You were finally able to do a shoot without make-up. You said that you wanted to do that in the interview of Zy. megaedition#07, released on April 29th.

HITSUGI: Yes! When I checked the articles of Zy. megaedition#07, I saw the idea written there.

Well, we only wrote what you said…

HITSUGI: I said “let’s do it in the next issue!” That’s today’s interview, right? People who read this will think that this magazine is awesome.

They will wonder “how did they manage that?!”


Well, I think just doing it on the spot is the best idea.

HITSUGI: In contrast to how it was done...(laugh)

I get the feeling I may lose some work because of it… (laugh) So how did you feel without the make-up?

HITSUGI: Kind of embarrassed! Of course I’m embarrassed! I feel like I can’t see the audience if I stand on the stage without make-up.

So why did you do it?

HITSUGI: I think it’s an adventure for normal people to put on heavier make-up, but it’s an adventure for me to take off my make-up, so I tried to do what was an adventure for me.

Why did you want to have an adventure?

HITSUGI: I think because of my age. I’m almost thirty. Of course, this is something I'm showing everyone, but I do it for myself too. I’ll remember this shoot for a long time. I’ll look back at it in years to come…

Don’t use the magazine for your pleasure in your old age! (laugh)

HITSUGI: (big laugh) But I received letters from fans saying that they want me to shoot without make-up. I guess I haven’t released any pictures like that until now, so they wanted to see that, and I wanted to answer them.

I guess there may be fans who say, “it’s better not to see that!”

HITSUGI: But I have to get used to that. Because all of this is me. I doubt fans who only like me with make-up are my real fans. Fans who say “I love HITSUGI in that photograph” aren’t my fans, but fans of the photograph.

You are very honest..


If you think of things from a business perspective, losing fans would be a minus, right?

HITSUGI: That’s true.

You’ll succeed more in business if you deceive your fans like an idol.

HITSUGI: Ah. But I don’t want to be an idol, and I want my favorite artists to do different things too. I think the cool guys are the guys who can show themselves in various lights, the ones who can show all of themselves, and be comfortable about it.

For the full interview, please refer to Zy 52.
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