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interview - 12.01.2009 23:00

When I wake out of a trance.

Plastic Tree released their new album, Utsusemi, in September, did a European tour in October, and will do their domestic winter tour, Utsusemi, from the later half of December through to January of next year. The band has always been very easy going, but what is the driving force behind this incredible pace? In this interview, you will hear about the album as well what keeps them going.

You released your new album, Utsusemi, a little while ago. However, we at Zy. have not had the chance to ask you about it, so I'll ask you about that now. Firstly, why the name Utsusemi?

Ryutaro: Well, you know we don't really plan anything at all, even in recording. We just do what feels good at the time. We discuss the details as we progress through things. While doing that, we start to see the overall shape of what we are working on, and this time we were working with lots of songs, so the word "utsusemi" came to mind. There were several other ideas besides that, but as I thought about them and gained more of an understanding of what they meant, I came back to "utsusemi." I found that it really fit as a whole. Originally, "utsusemi" means "this world" or "people in this world," and I felt like that is "now" for us. So I used it.

I see.

Ryutaro: Last year is really part of our past. I think that our Budokan live, Zero, was very big for us. I can really feel "now and the future." When I looked up that word, it came from "Genji Monogatari." Although the meaning changed, it still has that sound, and I felt a strong charm there. One of the meanings is "to change bodies," so as we were writing lyrics and making songs I felt that it was close to us. I thought that Utsusemi would be the best title for the album.

The first song on the album, which is after the SE, so maybe it is more accurate to say the second song, is called Utsusemi and it seems symbolic.

Ryutaro: When this song was made, I also suggested to the members that we use the title as the album title too.

It may be just my personal opinion, but many of the songs on this album have a lot of titles and keywords from previous works by Plastic Tree.

Ryutaro: Ah, yes they have. For me, when I write lyrics, if I can't find better words, I never hesitate to use the words that I have already used before.

I thought that you did it on purpose...(smile)

Tadashi: It may be identical by coincidence, but I think that it is kind of Japanese. I mean it's even in the title. We didn't discuss it or anything, but we worked a lot together. There were no words; it just happened.

Ryutaro: We concentrate a lot in recording, so much so that people change...(smile)

For the rest of the interview, please refer to Zy 43.
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