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interview - 13.09.2010 10:01


As became clear in the club Zy. interview, Ni~ya made the song Rover, in the first single celebrating Nightmare’s 10th anniversary a:FANTASISTA. There must be quite a few fans who found it rather unexpected as it was full of tenderness in contrast to his usual aggressive bass playing and wild live performances. However according to him, this is the real him …

You told us in the club Zy. interview, but it’s unexpected that Ni~ya made a song like Rover.

Ni~ya: I understand. I think so too. But actually I like ballads and popular songs too. I always listened to enka songs when I was a child, so I’m good at making these types of songs rather than hard songs.

We may have made your image wild and manly….

Ni~ya: Maybe. But it’s only a pretense. (laugh) Well, I actually like that image. I can’t forget the shock when I listened to rock for the first time. At that moment, I thought that I wanted to be like that, and I've always worked to be like that. Well, that is, up until now. I want to make songs like that, but it’s quite difficult. (smile)

As for bassists, there is Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols)……

Ni~ya: And Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe), right?

Right. Did you want to be like people who are into sex, drugs and rock’n roll in their private life too?

Ni~ya: Yeah!! If I was like that , I could make killer songs very easily. But I don’t have that experience so I made a nancy song. (smile)

I don’t think it is a nancy song . On the contrary, I felt the broad mind of Ni~ya when I listened to Rover.

Ni~ya: So it’s good.

So, have you ever tried to be that image of sex, drugs and rock’n'roll in real life?

Ni~ya: Yes. When I was a junior high school student, I longed to be a hooligan and tried to join them, but I was scared and ran away.(smile) I longed it for it somehow. But it didn’t suit me.

You ran away not only because you were scared but you didn’t enjoy it, right?

Ni~ya: It wasn’t fun. I was always the one at the bottom of the group, so I had to go on errands. (smile) By then I thought I didn’t fit to the hooligan scene.

The conscience of Nightmare!!


I shouldn't say that?

Ni~ya: No, I just don’t know how to react. (smile)

For the full interview, please refer to Zy 53.
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