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interview - 06.10.2010 11:01

The road illuminated by moonlight.

Plastic Tree have finished their new single! Titled Moonlight, it will be on sale July 28th. It’s a number where digital sound is mixed in with their original melancholic melody. Of course, it’s a great work including the coupling song Bambi and the masterpiece from their Indies period, Rusty (a re-recording). All of the songs are very much representative of Plastic Tree. This time, we asked about the single, and about Tent②, which will be held on August 13th.

I heard Moonlight had electric pop elements, but actually it really matches the band.

Arimura Ryutaro (Ryutaro): Yes, we fused the band’s sounds well. Naka-chan (Nakayama Akira) discussed it a lot with Tadashi.

I’m guessing that you didn’t put digital sounds in the original song…

Hasegawa Tadashi (Tadashi): In the first step, no we didn’t.

Ryutaro: But the song needed those elements, and as it progressed we realized that it would fit in well. We thought we could put them in an arrangement.

Were Akira and Tadashi, who actually made the sounds, able to work smoothly?

Tadashi: I explained the sounds in my head vaguely to Naka-chan with words, and he gave them form.

It seems quite difficult. (laugh)

Tadashi: It's something you have to feel.

Nakayama Akira (Akira): I felt like I was handling more instruments than before. I think it helped that I've played other instruments besides guitar over these past ten years...

You mean you could see your part objectively.

Akira: When we recorded the finished song, I went back to my instrument. I do that for these kinds of songs.

Ken-Ken, how did you go about doing the drums in this recording?

Sato Ken-Ken: From my first step, I had an impression of 16 beats and didn’t want to break the atmosphere. And it was interesting to put the real drums in with computer input.

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