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interview - 23.10.2010 11:01


the GazettE haven’t released anything since their single BEFORE I DECAY last October, due to the band moving their base and other reasons. However, they've restarted their activity this summer. They’ll release their new song SHIVER on July 21st and return to the music scene. They started their tour at the same time as their release, and we asked them about their feelings during their down time and about their eagerness for what is to come.

You haven’t appeared all together in Zy. for about a year (No.48). It's been a long time...What have you been up to?

Ruki: Making songs (laugh).

You continued making songs again last year, but it was a little different from producing for a scheduled release, right?

Ruki: We just stocked songs when we made them.

So you must have a lot of stock!

All: (silence)

Huh? (laugh)

Kai: About…..seven songs?

Ruki: And about seven songs left, give or take a few.

You didn’t have any deadlines…… so it turned out like… this (smile).

Aoi: Yeah, but no one has ever told us to hurry up.

If you think positively, it was down time for you, right?

Aoi: Yes. We haven’t had that for long time.

Ruki: But even though we had time, we seemed to be pushed for time in the end … I wonder why that was.

Because a deadline always comes one day (laugh). But if you have time, you can experience different things and take on new challenges.

Aoi: We're careful. We're the type who will cross a bridge when we come to it, but it has to be made of stone (laugh).

Really? (laugh) No, no, I don’t mean just in making songs. You could travel and hang out, for fun (laugh).

Ruki: We were just anxious (smile).

Reita: I wanted to travel, but we hadn’t decided on anything yet, so I didn’t feel like it (laugh). If I'd been told that I would have so much time off, then I would have had more fun.

Uruha: I think we have a thing with deadlines, to make sure it's not too close but not too far away either. Otherwise, we can’t make anything (laugh).

Aoi: A little bit before the FC tour (this March), I was thinking I could really make the most of our time (laugh). I felt like "This is it!" (laugh)

Uruha: Normally, we decide various things at the end of the year, so we didn’t feel like making songs until we had decided our record company.

Ruki: We don’t like not having work to do… (laugh)

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