Zy 54: Igaguri Chiba (Sendai Kamotsu)

interview - 08.12.2010 11:01

Chiba Renaissance

Sendai Kamotsu performed their “bankruptcy” live in Budokan on November 5th last year, and stopped their band activities. However, they have started up again with a release of documentary images of the band including the live concerts Gouka santen zeme~Sendai Kamotsu the way to revival~vol.1 held in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka from the end of September until the Budokan live. And they’ll release their live DVD Tour 2009 Fukyou no kaze~Sendai Kamotsu FOREVER~ on October 6th. Is this really the beginning of their complete revival? We had an emergency interview with Chiba who holds the key to everything!

We haven’t seen you for a long time.

Chiba: Nice to see you.

How have you been after your bankruptcy live?

Chiba: I went back home and turned into a NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training), and was thoroughly scolded by my mother: “Don't stay home all the time. Get out and get a job!!” So I did various part time jobs in my home town.

What kind of part time jobs did you do?

Chiba: For example, I worked at a yakiniku (Korean BBQ) restaurant. But I really wanted to do my best for customers so I helped with everything… but that was too much for some… so I got fired from most places because of that.

So you were kind of like “Here is your beef tongue, sir…eat up..” while sticking out your tongue… yes? (laugh)

Chiba: Well, maybe….yes. (laugh) Then I didn’t have any place to work, and I happened to meet KURIHARA when I was leaving a CD shop in Sendai.

That is too good a coincidence. (laugh)

Chiba: Then we talked about different things and realized that we wanted to relive the good old times. So we decided to go to Tokyo, make music, release it and do lives again. We decided to save our money to do a revival of Sendai Kamotsu. But it’s not an official revival.

Why don’t you ask the other for members?

Chiba: We are out of contact with them now. But Satty and Giga flare sent me some demo tapes when they heard about the revival.

What love for the band!! Oh, no, love for the company!! (laugh)

Chiba: This time, there are four new songs, and Satty sent me Gira gira boys which was turned into a DVD. The song Summer vacation was sent from Giga flare, while Chiba sun and ROCK-MEN were made by KURIHARA and I wrote the lyrics.

At least Satty and Giga flare are very hopeful for the revival of Sendai Kamotsu. However, it has been a bumpy ride for Sendai Kamotsu so you must have really had to brace yourself…

Chiba Yes, you're right. But it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. I don’t find the present visual scene interesting… That may be a little rude but...

It’s unlike you to throw punches…

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