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interview - 16.03.2009 23:00


On January 14th, alice nine. released their 3rd album, VANDALIZE. The album is full of music that the five members liked and wanted to do, a very dense piece of work for the band. "Vandalize" is very much a symbolic new step for the band. We could even say that they have completed their own rock album. In this interview we talked to the members about their deepest thoughts on the album.

Finally, you completed VANDALIZE! My personal impression is that it's like a Swedish sauna...

Saga: What do you mean? (laugh)

In Scandinavian saunas you sweat a lot first, and then you go outside into minus 10 degrees or colder air. I thought your album was like that as you have put both hard and soft songs in it.

Tora: Ah! (laugh)

When did you start in the studio?

Tora: We were in there all the time.

Hiroto: Some songs were made last year.

So, there were a lot of songs made for this album, right?

Saga: Yes. When I wrote in my blog that we chose the songs from about 70, which I had made up until now, there was a fan who thought that I written 70 songs just for this album. Then she wrote a comment that said, "It's just awesome," but she got it wrong. (smile)

Anyway, you made more songs than before, right? How did you choose songs for the album and what was the standard you used to choose them?

Tora: When we first decided to make this album we had the song the beautiful name. Right, Saga?

Saga: Yes, we did. (laugh)

Tora: When this song was made, we said that we wanted it to be the first song on the album. Then we decided which songs should flow from that.

Shou: Before that, we brought in songs saying, "This is good," "That is good," and the beautiful name was made at the very end. But it set the mood for the album.

I'm sure this first song is good.

Tora: I think that you'll get a surprise.

It feels big.

Saga: At first, we talked about making an album that we could perform easily at live concerts, but the result is totally opposite. We thought that if you listen to this first song, you will all understand why we did it the way we did.

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