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KAT-TUN rolls out another No.1 single.

ULTIMATE WHEELS is KAT-TUN’s first release of 2011. As usual, it came out in three different versions, each with a different cover and second track. Of course, a karaoke version of both tracks is also featured on each single.

The title track starts out with a jazzy phrase featuring a rather classical instrumentation of a string quartet and harpsichord, which makes it impossible to guess what sort of song ULTIMATE WHEELS will be. After the first 15 seconds, the strings are joined by a rhythmical, pounding beat, giving the song an upbeat rock-feel. The vocals are kept subdued in the verses, but soon the tension in both the vocals and music grows heavier, building up to a catchy chorus. Although the chorus can be categorized as a simple, upbeat rock tune, the strings have been added again, giving it a more impressive layer and saving the chorus from being bland.

The second song, MAKE-OR-BREAK, keeps the same fast-paced tempo. Instead of rock however, it is a dance track with an incredibly addictive melody in the chorus. The song features a few rap lines alternated with synthesized voices and normal singing and gives each of the members of KAT-TUN the opportunity to throw in a few lines in their style.

Unfortunately, it looks like KAT-TUN’s sales are declining with every release, and it leaves no doubt that this is partially due to Akanishi’s departure from the group. It’s a real shame because the five remaining members deliver excellent quality songs that work perfectly without a sixth. Hopefully, the sales of ULTIMATE WHEELS will pick up soon because there is simply nothing wrong with the flawless compositions.
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