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interview - 22.02.2011 21:00

Infinite dream

ViViD made their major debut with the single Yume~ Mugen no kanata (Dream~Infinite Distance) on January 19th, 2011. They continue to grow with amazing speed, now making their major debut after a year and nine months since forming the band. After we asked about the single, we probed into their dreams in the second half of this interview, exploring the depths of their psyche, so be sure to read to the end!!

What changed after you made your major debut?

Ko-ki: Honestly speaking, we haven’t changed that much. When I was a kid, I thought that a major debut was awesome, something that was unreachable. I would say our environment has improved, so it's good for recording. There are no restraints put on us, so nothing's changing and we are working very smoothly!

Shin: Before, I'd been longing to make our major debut, but now I think we are at the starting line. How we grow from now on is more important, making sure that we never shake ViViD's center, and just keep going upward.

Ryouga: Our recording environment has gotten better, so we can express ourselves in more ways.

IV: Even though our environment has changed, my feelings haven’t at all.

Reno: I think all of our members are the same, in that we were really longing to make our major debut . In some ways that was our aim. But once we got here, we didn’t change that much, honestly speaking. This is our starting point, and now the hard work starts.

Your opinions are the same, that “nothing has changed”, but as I listened to your major debut single, I personally thought you changed quite a lot.

Reno: Really? How?

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