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interview - 24.03.2011 11:01

Cartel-the evolving rhapsodist-

RYUICHI of LUNA SEA and Kawamura Ryuichi are the same person. Or so Ryuichi says. However, if we recognize them as different vocalists, they are still very similar in that they keep challenging themselves, doing things that no one else has done before. What is his drive? In this exclusive interview, we set out to find out about the dark side of Kawamura Ryuichi, and he told us that what was yesterday, may not be today.

We heard you gave some ideas for this shooting. What was the concept?

Kawamura Ryuichi: I’m often asked “Do you separate RYUICHI of LUNA SEA from Kawamura Ryuichi?”, or “Do you feel they are different people?”, so I wanted to make the answer clear in this shoot. I'm appearing as Kawamura Ryuichi, but I have many different emotions. I have the LUNA SEA vocal style and the Kawamura Ryuichi vocal style, but I’m the same person. I requested to shoot in dark lighting to project my inner darkness in the photos, so I could be seen as RYUICHI of LUNA SEA even though it was Kawamura Ryuichi in front of a camera. Even though I didn’t put on fancy make up, we are still the same person.

Do you think people see Kawamura Ryuichi and RYUICHI as different?

Kawamura Ryuichi: Yes. But I don’t dislike that. I think about it a lot, but people change according to TPO (Time, Place, Occasion), and I suppose I am like that too.

Do you switch naturally?

Kawamura Ryuichi: Yes. So I this time I wanted to leave my dark side in the photos taken in the shoot.

Has it been a while since you expressed this part of you?

Kawamura Ryuichi: Yeah, I think so.

With “the dark side of your mind” being today’s interview theme, I’d like to ask about the beginnings of the band. When you started the band, it wasn’t like you wanted everyone to smile…

Kawamura Ryuichi: First of all, I think people imagine the "dark side" to be a "dark part" or a "blackness", but I recognize it to be my real face. It’s a place where I take shape.

A place you take shape?

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