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interview - 14.06.2011 10:01

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This interview was held in the latter half of February when the band was changing record companies, leaving their schedule totally blank. Although their last interview for Zy. is a bit negative, you can still feel each member's burning desire to make Nightmare even better.

You transferred to a new record company. Is it like turning over a new leaf?

YOMI: I don't feel like it' a new start for the band.

So you don’t want to change?

YOMI: No, personally I have a lot of things on my mind. But in some ways I don’t want the band to change. I like the present Nightmare. I don’t want to change so much but rather get everything together.

What do you like about the present Nightmare?

YOMI: I like that we are getting closer to regular rock bands in terms of songs and lives, beyond just a visual kei band.

You won’t say “We won’t appear in Zy. anymore!!”

YOMI: No, no, no!! No way!!

Even if you want to appear, you can’t because we’ll stop publishing after this issue. (laugh)

YOMI: I think the recent Nightmare has become cooler and is more appealing to small children and people older than us, and I think that this is a good thing.

How about HITSUGI?

HITSUGI: I’m not sure whether we're starting again, but I feel like it’s getting to be simpler… I don’t think about unnecessary things. Negative thoughts like “If I do this, someone will be like that." When I do something, I don’t worry about that anymore. If I think too much about it, I’ll end up being average, so I think it's better for results to do the pros and cons.

And Ni~ya?

Ni~ya: I feel like we're starting again. I think we’ll make good use of what we have cultivated for ten years and will challenge ourselves with new things.

Is there anything new that is currently challenging you?

Ni~ya: I bought an electric upright bass, I think it’s interesting. Even though I don’t know whether I’ll use it in our recording and lives.

How about SAKITO?

SAKITO: I feel like our past ten years is over, so I want to start the band with a totally pure mind. Like I’ll start again from zero, because if we play with the same feeling I have had up until now, I think we won’t grow at all.

Do you mean you have gone as far as you can in your current style?

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