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interview - 27.06.2011 10:01

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Fourteen years since the band's inception, MUCC celebrates this milestone by holding their 14th live concert in the famous Budokan. Furthermore, the band is having two consecutive concerts; the first on May 21st will be the final leg of their tour Chemical Parade that started in October last year. The second, held May 22nd, is MUCC History GIGS 97-11. Both days’ contents promise to be different, definitely something diehard fans will be looking forward to. In this interview we asked the band about playing in the Budokan and what they have planed for their many fans.

It’ll be the 14th live for MUCC in the Budokan, and you will be playing two consecutive days , right?

SAROchi: Really!?

Miya: We have played there that many times?

Tatsuro: I think I enjoyed it most when I stood on the stage there for the first time in the “KINGDOM ROCK SHOW”.

YUKKE: Was that in 2005 or 2006?

Tatsuro: No, I think it was before that. Because 2006 was our first one-man live in the Budokan.

The first time was August 27th, 2003.

YUKKE: In 2003? That was a long time ago.

You played with PIERROT, Janne Da Arc, and Plastic Tree.

SATOchi: Oh, yeah!! I remember that!

Tatsuro: PIERROT, Janne Da Arc, Plastic Tree and MUCC? It was great that MUCC appeared with them.

Was it fun?

Tatsuro: Yes. And as I said, usually we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to play with them, so we were really pumped up.

Do you remember which songs you played?

Tatsuro: Did we play Zutazuta?

YUKKE: Yes. I think we played it. We said we would work hard like commandos, and I remember talking to staff about using fire…

How was the actual concert?

YUKKE: We were really tense, but we found that we enjoyed it after we finished the live. However, we wanted to see the show from the audience, so we saw PIERROT's live; they were the final band.

How about SATOchi?

SATOchi: I remember the rehearsal. When I tried to plan how I would play the drums, staff ran to me and said “Another band is going to start their rehearsal, so please top playing them!!”

All: (Burst out laughing)

And how was the actual live?

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