An Interview with KAMIJO in Paris

interview - 02.09.2011 22:00

JaME had a short chat with the vocalist of Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet- during their latest world tour.

Just before the last concert of the band’s tour in 2010, JaME sat down with vocalist KAMIJO for a short interview in Le Trabendo in Paris. In an atmosphere both relaxed and pressed by the approaching time of the concert, he talked to us at times in Japanese, at times in English, about the band, the tour and JUBILEE.

You have many different kinds of fans. What do you think about having metal fans, visual kei fans, both girls and boys?

KAMIJO: I am very happy to be able to unite so many different fans. It’s a bit like the Palace of Versailles that brings together all sorts of people.

Today is the last date of your tour, how did you find this world tour?

KAMIJO: The tour lasted for three weeks. I found it very long and I am physically very tired.

You have recently become major and you've been doing a world tour. What is the next step for Versailles?

KAMIJO: To play a concert in Versailles.

How did you get the idea to mix the rather delicate aesthetics of your costumes with a more violent sort of music?

KAMIJO: There are many reasons, but the main one comes from the history of France.

Are the costumes not too bulky for you during the concerts?

KAMIJO: At first it bothered us a lot, but now I am so used to them that they have to weigh a lot - otherwise I do not have the feeling of wearing a costume.

The song Method of inheritance has a very mysterious title. Could you tell us about its meaning?

KAMIJO: (laughs) In a way it is a sort of passing a baton between the band and the audience.

You will soon release two live albums; how did you chose the songs and what motivated you to release live versions of the songs?

KAMIJO: These are the songs that we played during a concert we gave at C.C. Lemon on December 23, 2008, which was released as a live DVD. The songs come from these two albums and will be remastered. We decided to take these recordings keeping the bass parts of Jasmine You.

The music of Method of Inheritance is rather epic, the compositions are very strong. Have you thought about making music for films?

KAMIJO: I love soundtracks. If I had to make one I’d do one of Versailles and the history of the Descendants of the Rose.

In Ai to kanashimi no Nocturne, TERU’s guitar resembles his playing style in Aikaryu. How did you coordinate it with the song and style of Versailles?

KAMIJO: TERU’s guitar is very classical and so is Versailles.

Reminiscence is very different from the rest of the album, very upbeat, popular. What inspired you for this song?

KAMIJO: It had to be TERU’s smile.

What is your favourite song by Versailles?

KAMIJO: (in English) God Palace because it’s my life.

There are a lot of violins in your latest album, JUBILEE. Who is in charge of that part?

KAMIJO: It is studio musicians.

MASASHI did the world tour with Versailles; how did his integration into the band go? Was he received well by the fans?

KAMIJO: MASASHI was a longtime friend of Jasmine You. He was met by the fans rather well.

Your album JUBILEE has a very spiritual, even religious dimension (with the organ and choir). What is the reason for this orientation?

KAMIJO: We love beautiful music.

The video for Serenade is very moving; how did the shooting go?

KAMIJO: The sun was extremely strong, it was really hot (laughs).

Do you have a message for our readers?

KAMIJO: (in French) Hello ladies and young ladies, I am kissing you. Thank you!

JaME would like to thank the band's management for making this interview possible, as well as Akika and Kenji for the translation.
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