DEAD END 'Death Ace 2011' Final at Shibuya O-West

live report - 10.02.2012 11:01

The Japanese rock legends mesmerize fans the world over at their Shibuya live.

An hour before the live, all was quiet on the O-West front. The goods booth outside the nearby convenience store had finished their pre-show sales, packing up what little remained from an all-but-assured fan frenzy. The last show of their Death Ace tour, fans of DEAD END sold the evening’s live out in typical fashion. Twenty minutes later, said fans began pouring in from all sides. O-West staff soon split the fans by ticket number, with hundreds lined up alongside O-East and the surrounding buildings. Fans young and old had assembled, a testament to the band’s lasting popularity and influence.

The stage inside O-West was pitch black, perhaps suggesting the fans had in fact come to some dead end in a dark alley. At the back of the stage, the band’s drum set stood on an elevated platform. Little decoration accompanied the instruments; to be sure, little was needed for the fans to anticipate the arrival of their band. The hundreds of fans tonight had packed themselves as tightly as safety restrictions seemed to allow, which for all intents and purposes likely only made the live a more personal, enjoyable event. Those unable to attend (or, for that matter, fit in the standing space) were able to watch the live via Ustream.

At 7:07, the lights dimmed to immediate cheers. The instrumentalists – bassist CRAZY COOL JOE, guitarist YOU, and drummer Kei Yamazaki, – arrived on stage, followed by MORRIE, all welcomed with screams and devil horns. The band saved their greetings until after playing the first song, but the loyal lot would continue to call for the members throughout the live. Bassist CRAZY COOL JOE, equipped with a blond Mohawk and print shirt, stood stage right through most of the show, with guitarist YOU at the left. Drummer Kei Yamazaki, in a loose shirt, kept to himself at center stage, focused on executing what proved to be particularly impressive technical drumming.

Similar to other experienced musicians, MORRIE performs in more than one band, in his case the other band being Creature Creature. Musical differences aside, both acts are presented in predominantly dark atmospheres, with little in the realm of color or flashy stage work. Little is needed, though: at most, the stage lights will shine a bright white if the mood of the song dictates it. Here, though, the intentional darkness actually reflects the band’s attention to detail, leaving out unnecessary flair in exchange for concentrating on the music. The fans seemed to appreciate it, what with the thunderous applause after each song.

As if the fan energy needed more fuel, the live debuted Conception, Final Feast, and Yume oni uta, the band’s first new singles in over 20 years. The fans ate them up - if not for the relentless guitar riffs then for the fact that after years of waiting, DEAD END still knows how to produce music to make the fans happy.

2012 marks the beginning of a nationwide tour for the band, not to mention the final new single of the set, Yume oni uta. In addition to the new singles, the recently announced new album, Dream Demon Analyzer, is sure to further excite their fanbase. Name notwithstanding, DEAD END is a band showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Set List:
1. Matenrou Game
2. Dance Macabre
3. I Want Your Love
4. Psychomania

5. Dress Burning
6. Guillotine
7. Kill Me Baby

8. Final Feast
9. Sleep In The Sky
10. Promised Land
11. Yume Oni Uta

12. Conception
13. The Awakening
14. Frenzy
15. Devil Sleep

Encore 1
16. Princess
17. Perfume of Violence

Encore 2
18. Myougou
19. Sacrifice of The Vision
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DEAD END 13/10

Tokyo - Japan
Shibuya O-WEST
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