indies - disbanded (2007 - 2015)
A live-centric band, Lycaon crafted little-known masterpieces in the aggressive rock sphere, and their appeal went well beyond producing fast-paced numbers with screaming and harsh vocals. Some of their songs were pure sinister wrath, ideal for rocking out to; others had a cool, sexy groove or relied on an irresistible violent beat that would reverberate in your blood; and still others placed more emphasis on original, unpredictable melodies.
Vocalist Yuuki arranged his harsh vocals into intricate, invigorating rhythms, and his melodic refrains could be particularly exhilarating.

Their look was dark, ornate and decadent. Making use of feathers, frills, chains and flowers, their style was at once both energetic and elegant, much like their music.
line up
  • Bass: Mio [2007 / 2010 - gone]
  • Drums: Eve [2007 / 2010 - gone]
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