Vanity Sicks

indies - disbanded (2016 - 2017)
Formed in 2016, Vanity Sicks was a short-lived side project led by Megamasso frontman Inzargi. The band’s music mixed a catchy and energetic rock sound together with dance and loud rock elements. This diverse approach was carried over to the vocals, as Inzargi’s melodic singing was contrasted against the “machinegun vox” (rapping and screaming) of ex-HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR and SUN OF A STARVE frontman Yuusuke. The band also featured Yuusuke’s former SUN OF A STARVE bandmate vincent on guitar.

While Vanity Sicks disbanded after just one year of activity, they still managed to put out a mini-album and a live-limited full-length release right before going their separate ways.
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