Wakeshima Kanon

分島 花音

also known as:   Kanon Wakeshima  
major - active (2008 - )
Kanon Wakeshima is a vocalist and classically trained cellist. Born to music loving parents, her name is based on the musical term "canon" and is written as "sound of flowers". Kanon's voice is sweet and clear and her catchy, slightly melancholy songs combine the sound of her cello and other classical instruments with electronics and pop. Originally her music was composed by Mana (Moi dix Mois), who discovered her in a talent contest, but now she writes both her own lyrics and music. She has three cellos: an ordinary cello called Yaeharu-kun, a red cello called Nanachie-chan and a white cello called Mikazuki-san.

Aside from her musical talent she is also an accomplished painter. Her works are inspired by the art nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha and often depict young girls or cats in fantasy scenarios, but some also mirror her personal experiences.
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