v[NEU]'s Kayuu's "Princess Project"

news - 13.05.2014 06:30
A few months ago, v[NEU]'s guitarist Kayuu started a "princess" project where he hung out with children at a local daycare and read to them, and helped to clean up a part of Shinjuku under the guise of "beautification." Kayuu set up a YouTube channel for these related events.

Kayuu has collaborated with popular lolita brand Angelic Pretty and modeled for the brand, but he is working towards another exciting project.

A video was uploaded onto Kayuu's YouTube channel a few days ago and he has made some announcements, with incentives to get fans to watch the video.

If the video below gets 30,000 views, he will release a CD.

If Kayuu gathers 500 bags of trash at another Shinjuku "beautification" event, special photos will be sold. But if he manages to gather 50,000 bags of trash, he will release nude photos.

Most importantly, Kayuu is looking for backup dancers for a future event. More details will be announced soon.

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