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news - 06.10.2015 22:08
source: Press Release
Sony Music Labels, Inc. has announced the global simultaneous release of all-female performance unit 5572320’s new single titled Ponpara Pecorna Papiyotta on October 5th.

Ponpara Pecorna Papiyotta, the group’s second single, sees a star-studded lineup of artists, with Yoko Kanno composing the song and KenKen, Hideki Aoyama, and Tsuneo Imahori performing.

The music video for Ponpara Pecorna Papiyotta can be watched below.

5572320 is a performance unit dubbing themselves members of Ebisu Private Junior High School and was formed for the 50th anniversary of Coconut Sable, a type of biscuit in Japan.

Their first single, Half a Century Honor Student, released this March, was a combination of five guitarists and three drummers, for a heavy rock number. The music video for Half a Century Honor Student broke 1.8 million views within a week of its release, and the group has caused some buzz as a “mysterious girl band”.
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