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news - 22.10.2015 08:11
source: OHP
Visual kei band D will release a new single on December 9th.

MASTER KEY continues the "Alice in Wonderland" theme that also ran through D's previous single HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY, which was released in September.

MASTER KEY will be available in four types: three limited editions and one regular edition. Limited Edition Type A is CD+DVD and includes the title track, Magical Door and instrumental versions of both songs, while the bonus DVD includes MASTER KEY's music video and making-of. Limited Edition Type B is CD-only and includes the first two songs plus a special third song, Zetsubou to iuna no majo ~She wept silently~, and its instrumental track. This type will also include a deluxe booklet.

Regular Edition Type C also includes the first two songs, a special third track, Bumpy Road, and its instrumental version. Limited Edition Type D contains the title track, its instrumental version and a "wonderland remix" of MASTER KEY. This version also includes a special sticker of one of the band members that will be randomly selected.
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