New Releases from Matenrou Opera

news - 29.08.2016 05:51
source: OHP
Symphonic metal band Matenrou Opera will put out three new releases in the coming months.

On October 19th, the band will release a mini-album titled PHOENIX RISING. Its six songs will feature guitar work by Leda, who is serving as a session guitarist while the search for Anzi's replacement goes on. On the same day, they will also release two best-of compilations: Matenrou Opera ~BEST & CLIPS~ and Matenrou Opera ~BEST & REQUEST~.

Before then, Matenrou Opera will release a live DVD entitled Chikyu -The Elements- TOUR FINAL LIVE FILM in EX THEATER ROPPONGI on August 31st.

A trailer for the live DVD can be viewed below:

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