New Single from HOLYCLOCK

news - 11.03.2017 14:51
Visual kei band HOLYCLOCK will release a new maxi-single on April 19th.

Titled Doukei to renbin no ryuuseigun, it will feature three tracks, although specific details about the contents have not yet been revealed.

They have also announced that they will hold their first one-man live of 2017 at OSAKA RUIDO on April 20th.

While they have been around since 2012, HOLYCLOCK only officially started activities in January 2014. The band is fronted by ex-LIX. vocalist Ryu, who has changed his stage name to Ryutaro. They joined the label CROW MUSIC in October 2014, and they just put out a mini-album titled Shinshou Aquarium - Shuuen no wa ni zanryuu suru sunadokei last June.

An MV spot for Shambara, a track from the aforementioned mini-album, can be viewed below.

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