Details on 9mm Parabellum Bullet's New Album

news - 21.04.2017 14:07
source: OHP
As announced last November, rock band 9mm Parabellum Bullet will release their 7th studio album this year. Recently, more details were revealed.

Titled Babel, the album was written by vocalist Takurou Sugawara and composed by guitarist Yoshimitsu Taki. It will be released on May 10th.

The album will come out in four editions, with each containing 10 tracks. The regular edition will be CD-only, while the two limited versions will both have a bonus DVD with recording scenes of the album and footage of band’s show held at Toyosu PIT in November 2016. One of the limited editions will also include a band score.

There will also be a vinyl edition, which will be accompanied by a card that allows the purchaser to download digital versions of all of the tracks.

Below, you can watch the music video for Garasu no Machi no Arisu:

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