New Digital Single from SHOW-YA

news - 25.04.2017 08:31
source: OHP
Hard rock band SHOW-YA will release a new digital single on April 26th.

NO REGRETS / Ai wo torimodose!! is a double A-side release, and both its tracks will feature in a new pachinko game based on the "Hokuto no Ken" franchise, also known as "Fist of the North Star". NO REGRETS is a new song composed by the band's vocalist Terada Keiko, whereas Ai wo torimodose!! (King and Queen Ver.) is a cover of the "Hokuto no Ken" anime series's first ever opening theme song.

Monsieur Yoshisaki, the co-vocalist of the band Crystal King, who originally recorded Ai wo torimodose!! back in 1984, duets with Terada on the cover.

An excerpt of NO REGRETS can be heard below in the trailer for "Pachinko CR Hokuto no Ken 7 Tensei":

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