New Live Release from WagakkiBand

news - 12.05.2017 22:31
source: OHP
WagakkiBand have announced the release of a new live DVD and Blu-ray for June 21st.

WagakkiBand Dai Shinnenkai 2017 Tokyo Taiikukan - Yuki no Utage, Sakura no Utage- will feature footage of their two-day premium live at Tokyo Taiikukan, which was held on February 17th and 18th. The live release will be available in three DVD editions, three Blu-ray versions and a special limited FC Edition.

Limited Edition A of both the DVD and Blu-ray formats contains a bonus disc with documentary footage, while Limited Edition B offers a live CD as its bonus instead. The regular types only feature the premium live shows on their respective discs. Furthermore, Limited Editions A and B and the regular types all come with a deluxe booklet and a trading card randomly selected from nine kinds. A sleeve package is offered as a first press bonus.

There is also another limited "mu-mo shop & FC Limited Edition" available, which comes in a box with two Blu-rays, three DVDs and three CDs. The box can be pre-ordered here.

A trailer for the live release can be viewed below:

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