Plastic Tree Tribute Album Announced

news - 01.06.2017 01:59
source: OHP
In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Plastic Tree's major debut, a tribute album to the band has been announced.

Titled Plastic Tree Tribute〜Transparent Branches〜, it will hit stores on September 6th. The release will feature a diverse line-up of artists, including visual kei bands R-Shitei, MUCC and LM.C, rock bands Kishidan, GOOD ON THE REEL, THE NOVEMBERS, People In The Box, a crowd of rebellion and PELICAN FANCLUB and solo singers Kiyoharu, Aikawa Nanase and Ogata Megumi. Details on the tracklist are not available just yet.

In addition, Plastic Tree have a new single scheduled for release on June 21st. Titled Uchuu yuuei, it will be available in four editions. Type A features a bonus DVD with the music video for the title track, while Types B and C include photobooks with different contents. The fourth version is a CD-only regular edition.

A preview of the music video for the title track is available below:

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