SERAPH to Debut Music Worldwide on NICONICO

news - 28.07.2017 14:34
It was announced on SERAPH's official Twitter account that a special live program on NICONICO featuring Shinya will be held on July 29th at 6:50 am EST. Fans can check for the time it will air in their cities on the NICONICO website, as there is a countdown to the show.

During this program, a short version of the project's long-awaited music video for the new single Génesi will be shown worldwide for the first time, along with more information about the members, music, formation and future of SERAPH. Destino, the opening theme of the movie "Reigan Tantei Quartet", will also be revealed for the first time outside of theaters during the broadcast.

Fans hoping to get to know more about the project and maybe more information on the mysterious vocalist Moa should be sure to tune in.
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