Megamasso to Disband

news - 21.08.2017 01:36
source: OHP
After an impressive 11 years together, visual kei band Megamasso have announced that they will disband this November.

The announcement was made via a message on their official website, which states that the members had differing opinions about the band's future direction, which led them to spend most of 2016 on hiatus. However, after the completion of their latest album Tenshi houkai, they felt previously small differences becoming more pronounced, and it has become difficult to continue activities. They state that no matter how many times they discussed it they were not able to find a compromise regarding their music, so they have decided to go their separate ways after a final live titled MEGAMASSO FINAL LIVE "Sekai ga tadashii yoru ni, koko ni ite." on November 23rd.

They thanked their fans for their many years of support and apologized for not being able to hold a final tour. Individual comments from the members are available on their website.

The video for the title track from Tenshi houkai can be viewed below.

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