SuG to Release Live DVD and Blu-ray of Nippon Budokan Concert

news - 15.09.2017 21:09
source: Press Release
SuG has entered an indefinite hiatus after their biggest and first live performance on September 2nd at the Nippon Budokan. The live DVD and Blu-ray of the show, titled SuG「HEAVY POSITIVE ROCK FINAL LIVE AT NIPPON BUDOKAN」, will go on sale from December 20th. The show was recorded using a total of 39 (read: “sagu”) cameras.

Playing at the Budokan was the culmination and the goal of SuG's 10-year history. The stage was filmed for all 26 songs for about three hours.
In addition to the 19 cameras of the usual video crew, another 20 student movie creators, each equipped with one “GoPro” (a small video camera), joined the live shooting in collaboration with the eponymous American camera maker “GoPro”.

SuG「HEAVY POSITIVE ROCK FINAL LIVE AT NIPPON BUDOKAN」 will be available in three editions. The Regular Edition comprises one DVD containing footage of the concert. The Limited Edition comes with an additional DVD containing the "SuG 10th ANNIVERSARY PROJECT Special Movie".

The SuG SHOP Limited Edition, only on sale via the Pony Canyon Shopping Club, comes with a special bonus footage DVD and a luxurious LP-sized box with original goods designed by Takeru in addition to two Blu-rays. It can be pre-ordered at until 23:59 (JST) on November 20th.
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