New Album from Mogamigawa Tsukasa

news - 18.09.2017 02:42
source: OHP
Visual enka singer Mogamigawa Tsukasa has announced the release of a new album for November 22nd.

At present, not many details are known about Golden☆Best Mogamigawa Tsukasa. Confirmed so far for the tracklist are three songs he wrote: MATSUPOIYO, Hitohira no sakura and Kimi no mune no naka ni, which he wrote in collaboration with singer-songwriter Matsumoto Tetsuya. More details regarding the tracklist will be announced at a later date.

Alongside Golden☆Best Mogamigawa Tsukasa, five other "versions" have been announced for release on November 22nd. These include Golden☆Best Moriyama Aiko, Golden☆Best Raymond Matsuya, Golden☆Best Tokunaga Yuuki, Golden☆Best Yuki Saori, Yasuda Sachiko and Golden☆Best Duke Aces.

A short version of the music video for Mogamigawa Tsukasa's third single Kimi no mune no naka ni can be viewed below:

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