news - 25.09.2017 05:26
source: OHP
Math pop band ATLANTIS AIRPORT have announced that they will disband in December after six years together.

The announcement was made via a post on their official website. The members also shared their feelings about the break-up and expressed gratitude to the band's fans for their support in individual comments. Their last live will be the final date of their ATLANTIS AIRPORT Last Tour "For Now", a one-man titled FINAL FLIGHT that will take place at Shinjuku MARZ on December 9th.

In addition, they have announced that a new song called For Now will be their final work. It will be available for free download from their website and for streaming through various services near the end of October. Fans who attend their final tour will also receive a lyric card for For Now, and each date will offer one with a different design.

The video for NEO TOKYO, from their December 2016 live-limited release of the same name, can be viewed below.

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