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news - 28.09.2017 02:26
source: OHP
Pop rock band GLAY will release their 55th single on November 22nd.

Described as a ballad compilation, WINTERDELICS.EP ~Anata to ikite yuku~ will feature five tracks. These will include Anata to ikite yuku, a new song composed by TAKURO that is being used as the theme for a drama called "Universal koukokusha ~Anata no jinsei urukomimasu!~", re-recordings of the previously-released tracks Tokei and Satellite of love, a recording of their live cover of X JAPAN's Joker from VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016 and "SUMMERDELICS" reprise.

The single will be available in two versions. The regular edition will be CD-only, but the limited edition will add a bonus DVD featuring music videos for Anata to ikite yuku, Shin Zombie and XYZ, as well as footage of two songs each from their Never Ending Supernova and TOKYO SUMMERDELICS tours.

Short versions of the videos for the other end of the globe and Shin Zombie from their July album SUMMERDELICS can be viewed below.

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